Application for a Mooring

How to apply for a Swinging Mooring in Bantry Bay

Contact the Assistant Harbour Master

Please phone either 02753277 or 0879532777, 
Or email

The Assistant HM will then give clear guide lines of swinging areas (spacing between boats) needed to establish a mooring in Bantry Bay.
A mooring application form is available either on this website or by calling to the Harbour Offices in Bantry.

Click here to download the application form

Details Required:

The Assistant HM will then make an assessment of the suitability of this given mooring position.

If the mooring follows all the appropriate guidelines and terms and conditions in place the Assistant HM will then proceed in issuing the proposer with a registered mooring number,this number is logged in the Harbour office computer systems.

Note: Visitor Moorings are available in both Adrigole Harbour(6 moorings) and Glengarriff Harbour (6 moorings)

Terms and Conditions


contentfiles/Procedure to apply for a Mooring within the BBPC Terms and Conditions.pdf


  1. That the annual mooring/administration fee of € 85.00 in 2024 (subject to annual review) will be paid prior to the issue of the mooring identification number and thereafter on the 31st January, every year. Harbour Charge of €8.00 per metre applies  to Vessels over 6 Metres.
  2. That the mooring buoy will be clearly and indelibly marked with the Mooring Identification Number.
  3. That the length of the mooring shall be such that it will not permit the applicant’s boat to foul adjacent boats.
  4. That the mooring will be moved or removed at any time if so required by Bantry Bay Port Company DAC, whereupon any such permission granted to me will immediately terminate. Bantry Bay Port Company DAC will endeavour to allocate an alternative position where possible.
  5. That in granting permission to lay a mooring in a specific place, the Bantry Bay Port Company do not give any guarantee as to the suitability or safety of the approved mooring position and do not accept any responsibility for same.
  6. That I will indemnify the Bantry Bay Port Company, its servant’s agents or employees against any claim for damages arising directly or indirectly from the granting of this permission to me.
  7. That when I have no further use for the said mooring, I will surrender this grant of permission to the Bantry Bay Port Company and that I will not at any time assign this grant of permission to any other person or Corporation without the written consent of the Bantry Bay Port Company.

Captain Paul O Regan
Harbour Master Bantry Bay.

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